Absurd Person Singular (1972)

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Alan Ayckbourn

Library Theatre
Concert Room, Scarborough Library

26 June 1972
26 June 1972
16 September 1972
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Asst. Stage Manager:
Alan Ayckbourn

Jennifer Smith
David Millard
David Hayward
Sue Rogers
Jane Hopcroft
Sidney Hopcroft
Ronald Brewster-Wright
Marion Brewster-Wright
Eva Jackson
Geoffrey Jackson
Philippa Urquhart
Piers Rogers
Chistopher Godwin
Matyelok Gibbs
Jennifer Piercey
Ray Jewers


Absurd Person Singular was, unusually, rehearsed largely in Sheffield as the company preceded the Scarborough season with a production of David Campton's Carmilla at the Crucible theatre.
Whilst many clever theories have been put forward as to the title's relevance to the play, there actually is no connection. The play was intended for an entirely different unwritten play by the author but as he liked the title so much, he just decided to use it for his next play.
The play was originally set in three living rooms, but soon after he began writing, Alan Ayckbourn realised this was a very boring place to set the play and the real action was in the kitchen; it thus became his first 'off-stage' play.


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