But Fred Freud Is Dead (1974)

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Peter Terson

Library Theatre
Lecture Room, Scarborough Library

3 December 1974
3 December 1974
21 December 1974
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Asst. Stage Manager:
Alan Ayckbourn
Helga Wood
Christine Welch

David Millard
Kevin Wood
Richard Roscoe
Fred Evans
Mike, his son
Dora, his wife
John Ansell, a friend
Sue, Mike's girlfriend
Stanley Page
Stephen Mallatratt
Janet Dale
Christopher Godwin
Eileen O'Brien


Although it is generally acknowledged the correct title of the play is But Fred, Freud is Dead, all promotional and archive materials as well as the programme for the Scarborough production omit the comma in the title. For this reason, the website carries the title used in Scarborough to reflect this production rather than the actual title.
But Fred Freud Is Dead was also presented as part of the Library Theatre's winter tour of theatres local to Scarborough, however the final two performances at Whitby Spa had to be cancelled due to low ticket sales.
During rehearsals for the production, Alan Ayckbourn injured his back whilst directing and was confined to bed for several days. In a newspaper report, Alan Ayckbourn said: "As part of the play there was a cricket scene and I had just executed a late cut with a small bat in the rehearsal hall when I pulled my back. I know it sounds comic and everybody laughs, but it is pretty painful unless I am either lying down or standing up."
During the 1974 and 1975 winter seasons at the Library Theatre, Scarborough, the Library Committee did not make the venue's Concert Room available; this room being where the Library Theatre had been based since 1955. In its place, a smaller room on the same floor - the Lecture Room - was offered but which could not incorporate theatre-in-the-round with productions performed three-sided (thrust).


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