The Wizard Of Oz (1978)

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New Play:


First performance:
Opening night:
Final performance:
David Millard

Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round

8 July 1978
8 July 1978
28 October 1978
David Millard
Voices (pre-recorded)
Fiona Mathieson
Malcolm Hebden
Robert Austin
Christine Welsh
Ronald Herdman
David Millard
Janet Fox
Chris Gray
Frank Lynch
Amanda Saunders


The Wizard Of Oz was a puppet show for children, adapted from the classic book by Frank L Baum, performed during Saturday mornings during the summer season, which was then extended into the autumn season. The original final performance of 9 September eventually became 28 October.
This marked the company's first puppet-based production, although this had not been the original intention. The company had presented a children's play each summer since 1975, but this was threatened in 1978 due to the summer schedule at the theatre with no way to commit the acting company to another show. The solution came via the theatre's Production Manager David Millard who suggested a puppet show using pre-recorded dialogue from the acting company. The play, which was written and directed by David, was then performed (or puppeteered) by David and members of the stage management team. This included Amanda Saunders, who was a stage manager at the Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round during the 1970s and 1980s but would return in 1996 to become the Touring / Platforms Consultant - later Executive Producer - at the Stephen Joseph Theatre.
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